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Costs and bursaries

Our counsellors are all highly qualified and in addition have all trained in relationship counselling with Relate UK.  Relationship counselling is very nuanced, our counsellors remain impartial and help couples navigate their issues.  We are the only third sector organisation that offers relationship counselling.

It costs us over £100 to put on each counselling session so we have charges to cover our costs, however we want everyone to have access to counselling and therefore we have charge bands but also we have contracts with a number of agencies who will pay Relate for your counselling directly.  We also deal with insurance companies and you may find that your health insurance will cover relationship counselling sessions with us.

Relationship counselling £70 per session
Psychosexual counselling £90 per session

Click here for more information on National Contracts

If you are unable to afford these costs and unable to access free counselling via national contracts, please contact us at   We will ask you to pay something towards your counselling and may be able to offer you a top-up bursary for a limited number of counselling sessions.  Our counsellors are highly experienced and your contribution will be a commitment to the work and an investment your relationship.


Pre-payment is required for each appointment.

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