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How our counselling works

When you contact us to see a counsellor, we may be able to offer you an appointment immediately but it is more likely that we will put you onto a waiting list.  The reason for this is that we only hold our diary one week in advance as once you have an ongoing counselling appointment with us, that time and day is yours weekly until you no longer need us.  

The exception to this is when a client cannot come due to sickness, holiday etc., and then there is a one-off appointment for what we call an initial assessment.  We may offer you an initial assessment, and for some people just one session will be enough to talk things through.  If you decide you would like to continue counselling with us, you will then go on to the waiting list for an on-going appointment.

When we offer you an appointment, we will tell you the name of the counsellor.  If you have a close relationship with the counsellor you may not see them.  If you know them but are happy to see them that is usually fine.  Please note, we never tell the counsellor your name unless you are due to see them.  Also please note that once you start counselling, only you and your counsellor knows what is said.  No admin staff or other counsellors will know.  Your case maybe discussed with a UK supervisor, but your name will not be used.  Your privacy is very important to us.

There is no obligation if you are offered an appointment and if you wish to be taken off our waiting list we would appreciate it if you would let us know.  Waiting times vary and can be up to two months depending on your availability, and also how easy it is to contact you!  If you can give us a phone number(s) that is helpful.  We try to fill appointments as soon as possible.  We want to help as many people as possible but also unfilled appointments mean a loss of income to the charity so committing to the time is important for everyone and any cancellations that can be done with plenty of notice is appreciated.

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